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Zim's Max Freeze

Client: Zim’s Max-Freeze
Perfecta Products was looking to bridge their disparate collection of topical analgesics and skin care products to create more impact on the shelf. Teaming with a world-class branding expert, Snap helped develop a new branded-house approach under the "Zim's Max" roof – informed by the consumer insight focus on "natural ingredients enhanced with scientific formulas." Executional elements include redesign of entire lineup, development of Nature/Science icon, logo, messaging & tagline, and television advertising campaign.

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Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers Outdoor

Client: Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers – Outdoor
This growing chain of tattoo removal centers was equipped with leading-edge technology, but no compelling brand identity to tell their story. Snap helped build the brand: focusing on the consumer’s journey from tattoo regret to an empowered future. Beyond the equity principles and brand story, Snap developed broadcast television & radio, visual ID & logo, in-store signage, website, as well as print, digital and social campaigns.

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Client: P&G Pampers Cruisers
Backed by Procter and Gamble’s powerful consumer insights, we created an engaging online infographic video that spoke to moms with babies in a language they could definitely relate to.

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The Hershey Company

Client: The Hershey Company
The Hershey Company asked us to help create core framework initiative and training materials that would work across the global Marketing and Sales organization — from new-hires to upper management. Keeping it simple (not simplistic) has been the key to success for both Snap and Hershey.

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Client: Humana Behavioral Health
Humana wanted to support the acquisition & name-change of the company "Lifesynch" into "Humana Behavioral Health" with a forward-looking, aspirational campaign. This kick-off video & email campaign set the tone for a successful transition.

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