Brand Building & Training

Snap works with world-class marketing & sales organizations to help create and integrate game-changing processes. We use our advertising and consumer communication expertise to craft key frameworks and concepts in engaging and action-oriented ways. An approach that is both tried and true. We may not always write the book on brand building, but we make sure other folks want to make it part of their workday.

The Hershey Company

Client: The Hershey Company
The Hershey Company asked us to help create core framework initiative and training materials that would work across the global Marketing and Sales organization — from new-hires to upper management. Keeping it simple (not simplistic) has been the key to success for both Snap and Hershey.

The Hershey Company

Client: The Hershey Company: Brookside
Developing a brand book for this nearly-iconic Hershey brand, we approached the work the same way Brookside approaches their consumers: no tricks, no hyperbole, no business-as-usual. Just honest, bold and savvy messages designed to be as extraordinary, memorable and as good for the soul as a handful of their Goji & Raspberry flavored treats.


Client: Humana
As Humana moves forward with unprecedented growth and mergers in the healthcare industry, helping newly acquired companies and their employees understand what it means to be "Humana" has become especially vital. The solution: "Brand Migration Guide" materials to meet the growing need. Part orientation, part process and part aspirational – we helped with the whole thing.

snap advertising procter and gamble legal

Client: Procter & Gamble
P&G Legal wanted to share legal advice and requirements with new-hires. Essential information with enough details to be effective, but without it sounding overly litigious. We helped write and develop brief video interstitials that shared easy-to-remember, easy-to-follow concepts before and after each training course.

snap advertising samsung-champion of sales

Client: Samsung
As a marketing-centric organization, Samsung is relatively new. But as an innovative force, Samsung is helping lead the way on a worldwide stage. We helped develop a series of essential brand building frameworks for Marketing, Sales, and Business-To-Business. We also developed the on-line rollout of the works, and facilitated bringing the insights to mNet – Samsung's online Marketing & Sales portal.

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